Mon - Sun: 7AM - 7PM

Costa Rica Masters Retreat is more than a destination; it’s a gateway to profound self-discovery. Rooted in the belief that transformative experiences can unfold amidst the beauty of Costa Rica, we are a collective of seasoned guides and dedicated individuals committed to guiding you on a journey of spiritual awakening.

Our team consists of experienced masters, well-versed in the ancient traditions of Bufo Alvarius and Kambo ceremonies, each with a deep understanding of the transformative power these rituals hold. We have come together to create a space where seekers and explorers can connect with their inner selves, surrounded by the lush landscapes and positive energies of Costa Rica.

At Costa Rica Masters Retreat, we are not just facilitators; we are fellow travelers on the path to self-discovery. With a shared commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and creating a nurturing environment, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your retreat experience is not only transformative but also leaves a positive impact on the world around us.

Join us on this journey of exploration, healing, and growth. Discover the essence of Costa Rica Masters Retreat, where ancient wisdom meets modern guidance, and where the adventure of self-discovery begins.