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Step into the profound world of healing with our Kambo ceremonies at Costa Rica Masters Retreat. Rooted in the traditions of indigenous Amazonian tribes, this sacred ritual offers a powerful cleansing experience, promoting physical and spiritual well-being.

What is Kambo?

Kambo, the secretion of the giant monkey tree frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), is renowned for its detoxifying properties. The ceremony involves applying this natural substance to small burns on the skin, creating a purgative effect that cleanses the body and invigorates the spirit.

The Ceremony Experience

Our Kambo ceremonies are conducted with utmost care and respect for the ancient traditions. Under the guidance of experienced practitioners, participants engage in a ritual that includes the application of Kambo, leading to a purgative process that releases toxins and stimulates a profound sense of renewal.

Benefits of Kambo

Participants often report physical and mental benefits, including increased energy, improved focus, and a heightened sense of well-being. The purgative nature of Kambo is believed to cleanse the body on multiple levels, fostering a holistic sense of health and vitality.

Preparation and Ceremony Guidelines

Prior to the ceremony, participants receive detailed guidance on preparation to ensure a safe and meaningful experience. Our experienced practitioners closely monitor the process, offering support and guidance throughout the ceremony.

Join the Journey of Healing

Embark on a transformative path of purification and renewal with our Kambo ceremonies. Discover the ancient wisdom of this sacred ritual and experience the rejuvenating power it holds. Embrace the healing journey – join us for a Kambo ceremony at Costa Rica Masters Retreat.